Meet the ASC Shark Squad

Over the next few weeks, we are featuring the individuals who help ASC save sharks. Our organization is full of passionate people who are dedicated to making a difference. We hope that their stories will resonate with others who care about sharks and inspire them to get involved.

Our first volunteer profile is Kylea! She is an Education Docent in West Palm Beach, Florida and lives there still. Kylea didn’t always know about the threats facing sharks but it is something she learned about as she studied in college.

Other than researching and saving sharks, what are your favorite hobbies?

Diving and researching turtles

Kylea in her happy place!

Why do you care about sharks?

They are misunderstood. They are very graceful creatures that are so important to the ocean's ecosystem.

Why do you like being part of ASC?

It is a great organization working for the sharks and to educate others about that.

What is your favorite shark and why?

Hammerhead sharks! I have always thought they looked so unique and it is on my bucket list to see their migration. They are also critically endangered and need more love.

The great hammerhead should be on everyone's bucket list!

Were you ever scared of sharks?


Have you faced any challenges in your journey in shark and ocean conservation?

Getting over the original fear installed in me from sharks being misrepresented in movies. Being comfortable in the water with larger sharks was a mental barrier because their size is intimidating.

Regarding sharks and conservation, what would be your dream job?

Conducting research.

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