Jawesome Community Support for ASC

We may be biased but our awesome community here in south Florida is the best!! We have worked diligently in research and conservation for over a decade here in south Florida and the support from the community is what keeps us going. Our partners and friends in the diving and conservation community are always stepping up and supporting our work in so many ways.

Every year, Force E dive shop holds an entire month dedicated to sharks (take that shark “week”), full of presentations, social events, and fundraisers. They know that to keep their divers happy, the oceans need to be healthy and therefore sharks need to be protected. And we are so grateful that they choose to support us over the past few years. We know there are a lot of organizations nearby that are doing great work to protect our oceans and so many big, flashy groups that get (and bring) a lot of attention. So to be chosen from that crowd is a real honor. During Shark Month, we got to talk to people about baby sharks and why protecting their habitat is critical, we got to sip cocktails and paint sharks and attend Force E’s epic trivia night!

Paint Night with Stoked on Salt’s Lisa M. was so much fun and we not only learned that we should just stick to science and leave the painting to Lisa, but she generously donated a portion of the proceeds to us that night!

Trivia night has also turned into a must-attend event in the south Florida diving community calendar. With MC Jim Mathie, aka Chiefy, the night was full of funny jokes, difficult trivia, lots of ribbing and GREAT prizes donated by Mares, Koah Spearguns, GeckoBrands, Bigblue Dive Lights, Deep Ledge Apparel, and Charms4Good. This evening raised $500 for ASC and that makes a big difference for our work, so we are beyond thankful!

It takes a lot to run an effective nonprofit and knowing that we have such an incredibly engaged and generous community makes our work a little bit easier. Thank you to all who attended each event, to the amazing owners, Skip and Cathy Commagere, and staff of Force E, especially Nikole, for supporting and promoting our work and for the incredible amount of effort that goes into making these events fun and last but not least, our ASC volunteers who show up, lend a hand! We can make a difference because you care enough to help.

Can’t wait for Shark Month 2020!

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