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ASC Helps Host Virtual Marine Science Classes

We are all missing the ocean right now and missing the chance to interact with students and the public at so many great events that have been canceled. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to work with some fantastic people to help bring the ocean to everyone’s home. The week of Monday,…
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ASC Shark Squad – Meet Kaitlyn!

Our next volunteer profile is Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is originally from Lynnwood, Washington and now lives in Jupiter, Florida, where she is a Pharmacy Technician and Research Assistant with ASC.    Have you always cared about sharks or is it something you learned about a little later in life? : I've always cared about sharks, but my passion…
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Outreach Matters!

Our intern Deb chats about why outreach is important in making a difference for sharks! My name is Deb and I am an intern with the American Shark Conservancy. I’ve been learning with Hannah and ASC that one of the most important jobs of a scientist is public outreach. It’s something that I can admit…
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