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Our Mission

The American Shark Conservancy (ASC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks and rays, increasing awareness and understanding of our oceans, through research and education. The ASC was founded in 2014 by Hannah Medd, a marine biologist with a focus on science-based conservation and communication regarding sharks and rays.

What is the American Shark Conservancy

Our Vision

The ASC’s vision is healthy global marine ecosystems conserved by an engaged, scientifically literate global community.

Our Story

Our organization is uniquely capable to create and manage programs with real conservation value because we have the qualifications to conduct applicable research and the professional experience to implement meaningful outreach. Our team has strong and diverse backgrounds in many industries that combine for a holistic and committed approach to our mission. Our team has participated in primary research which has been applied to outreach initiatives that have resulted in positive policy changes both locally and globally.

Our Philosophy

Effective conservation requires research and outreach. Strong science supports sustainable proposals and the public’s voice is required to secure these as policies. The general public is not expected to know or understand the complexities of science and conservation so it is our job to provide correct information to support science literacy to foster a better understanding and appreciation of our natural world. It is not all about the sharks. Although the organization focuses primarily on cartilaginous fishes, we know they are only one piece of the marine ecosystem puzzle. We will always consider the broader context of any task we undertake.


Gills Club

The Gills Club

Honored to have one of our own, founder Hannah Medd, a featured scientist with the Gills Club, an education initiative of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy dedicated to connecting girls with female marine biologists, sharing knowledge, and empowering them to take leadership positions and inspire others with their passion for sharks.


Loggerhead Marinelife Center Go Blue Awards

Honored to have our founder, Hannah Medd, nominated for the Blue Ambassador of the Year Award & the Blue Friend of the Year Award at the Seventh Annual Go Blue Awards Luncheon in 2015.

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