Gretchen Kruizenga

Gretchen (Arndt) Kruizenga has a BSc in Biological Sciences with a certificate in Environmental Science from Florida Atlantic University where she graduated with over 5,000 volunteer hours. During her undergraduate studies, she participated in various marine research-centered internships and volunteer experiences that took her overseas. Gretchen worked as an undergraduate research student in Stephen Kajiura’s elasmobranch lab where she studied and presented on the environmental preferences of a male blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) during seasonal migration. Gretchen is currently a research assistant at the American Shark Conservancy (ASC) where she assists with outreach events, education, and research including the post-release mortality of hammerhead sharks caught and released by recreational fishermen. Gretchen also works as a Field Operations Manager where she oversees the field efforts and collection of water and soil samples in various Everglades restoration projects.

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