American Shark Conservancy is a 2019 Conservation Village Partner of the Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival

Not every nonprofit has the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of people with their message in a single weekend but that is exactly what we get to do as part of Rock the Ocean’s Conservation Village at this year’s Tortuga Music Festival, April 12-14, 2019 on Fort Lauderdale Beach!

This Epic music event has a special twist, the Conservation Village, strategically placed between the two main stages. As concert-goers shift from one to the other, they pass through the Village and get the chance to learn about the incredible work being done to save our oceans. There will be about 30 amazing ocean conservation groups there to educate fans about their work and how every single one of them can help make a difference.

We are thrilled to be included as a booth this year! We are ready to teach people about the importance of sharks, why we need to study them and what exactly we are doing to help ensure a sustainable future for Florida’s sharks.

About Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival:

As a nominee for ACM Festival of the Year, saving the oceans and shifting to more sustainable habits is something we all want to do, but where do we start? This question can be daunting when wanting to make lifestyle changes to help our oceans. It’s nice to have a little education on how you can make a difference! This is what Conservation Village at Rock The Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival is all about – educating fans on conservation initiatives, lifestyle changes, and raising awareness for the protection of our oceans. We will be joining 30+ other leaders in ocean conservation to deliver simple, unique ways fans can help save our oceans.

Tortuga Music Festival has grown over the past seven years to become one of the largest music festivals in the world. With this growth, the conservation efforts have grown as well. A few of the on-site efforts this year will include:

Minimizing Waste and Reducing Single Use Plastics:

Festival Wide recycling

Food vendors using only compostable serviceware

Provide free water refill stations. Fans will be encouraged to bring and use their own refillable water bottles.

No plastic water bottles. Fans can refill their water bottles at a water refill station or Open Water in aluminum cans will be available for purchase.

No plastic straws. We have a straw by request only policy, substituting plastic straws with ocean friendly paper straws.

Donation of all leftover food. 

New in 2019: Reduce single-use plastic by purchasing a limited Tortuga Music Festival Pint Cup! Purchase one with your first drink and use it all weekend long!

Supporting Sustainable Food Systems:

Tortuga is committed to only serving sustainable seafood. This means that any seafood item served at the festival must be caught or farmed in environmentally responsible ways. Vendors must source seafood that is listed as a “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” by The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Additionally, we are committed to only serving meats raised without the use of antibiotics and produce that has been sourced from within 200 miles of the festival site. This is in order to support the local community and promote positive animal welfare practices.

Encouraging Alternative Transportation:

Fans will be encouraged to take advantage of alternative transportation options that reduce the emissions associated with fan travel to and from the festival.  Alternatives include:

Water Taxis


If you or someone you know will be at this year’s Tortuga Music Festival, come see us and learn how you can help #RockTheOcean!

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