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Did you know that December 3rd is an international day of giving, Giving Tuesday? So after the leftovers, the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can make a REAL difference by supporting organizations that matter to you! This global day of giving harnesses the generosity of the entire world to support important causes. And this year, the American Shark Conservancy is asking for donations to support their work that saves sharks through science! They work to protect vulnerable and endangered shark species like great hammerheads and silky sharks and with your help, they can make an even bigger impact and save even more sharks!


We wanted to make this GivingTuesday about more than just raising funds, we want you to raise your voice! ASC is asking everyone to share their Shark Stories so that together, we can all be the collective voice for sharks. Tell us why you love sharks, your favorite shark encounter, your favorite shark fact. Share your post, tweet, video, 'gram, Snap and tag us or email We want to feature your stories to raise awareness and some seriously needed funds! Make sure to encourage everyone else to share their Shark Story, too. We want to hear from everyone!

And this year, we set a pretty big goal…$10,000! Go big or go home, right? All donations, big or small, go directly to supporting our projects, purchasing critical equipment like dissolved oxygen meters for our recreational shark fishing projects and covering costs like boat fuel for our surveys. If we can increase the amount of tags on sharks caught and released from shore, we will be able to deliver that information directly to managers who set the harvest quotas. Without this information, they may be over-allocating the number of sharks to commercial fishermen. With these funds, we can expand our work to study the impacts of other types of recreational shark fishing (i.e. boat-based fishing) and different species that are also frequently targeted by anglers in other locations. With more funds, we can build more camera and laser rigs, recruit more volunteer divers, and pay for more boat-time for our Florida Shark Survey. More funds would go to building Bait Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVS) that can contribute to other projects investigating coral disease and other fish research.

We are poised and ready to make an even bigger impact for our sharks, are you ready to help??

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