ASC Helps Host Virtual Marine Science Classes

We are all missing the ocean right now and missing the chance to interact with students and the public at so many great events that have been canceled. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to work with some fantastic people to help bring the ocean to everyone’s home. The week of Monday, March 27th through April 3rd is Shark Week!! We are teaming up with the Reef Institute and the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium to bring the sharks to you! Each day the awesome team at the Reef Institute will broadcast live lessons from their facility and we will be there to help answer any questions that you may have. Each day, the live lessons are geared towards specific age groups. You can easily join the Zoom meetings by clicking the links listed below each day’s description.

Monday: 10-10:30
For - early elementary kids
Title - Shark Senses, how they use their senses to in their underwater world
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(Meeting ID: 491 971 943)

Tuesday: 10-10:45
For - older elementary kids
Title - Shark Crazy, why sharks are so important to our oceans
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(Meeting ID: 565 936 538)

Wednesday: 10-10:45
For - middle school kids
Title - Sharks in Motion, how shark adaptations help them move through the sea
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(Meeting ID: 857 789 122)

Thursday: 10-11 am
For - high schoolers and adults
Title - You Think You Know Sharks, learn about the things you may not know yet about sharks
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(Meeting ID: 469 848 448)

Great Helpful Hints for Using Zoom from our friends at the Reef Institute…

  1. Make sure you download Zoom and know how it works – doing a little trial run can be really helpful and makes it stress-free when joining the live lessons!
  2. Be patient – there are always little hiccups with technology and everyone is trying their very best to make sure things go smoothly. Just remember that and everything will work out!
  3. Be respectful of all participants – everyone will be muted when they enter the lesson on Zoom and we ask that you stay muted so that we can start the lesson and share all the great information you are there to learn!
  4. Use the chat function to ask questions – we love questions!! So make sure you get to ask yours by typing it into the chat box!

Please also visit The Reef Institute at for more about this programming and the rest of their incredible work.

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